Deutscher Gleitschirm- und Drachenflugverband e.V.


German flying rules

Official Guest Flying Regulations in Germany

The DHV, the German Paragliding and Hanggliding Federation, would like to welcome all foreign pilots in Germany. 

In Germany there are more than 800 flying sites for paragliding and hanggliding. Details may be
found in the flying-site database.
Before flying at a new site, please contact the local club.
Would you like to fly under the supervision of an instructor? Find a school in the school-database

1. Licenses
An IPPI-Card is mandatory for all foreign pilots. Minimum ratings are stage 4 for unsupervised flying and stage 5 for cross-country flights. With lower stages, flying is allowed under the supervision of a German instructor. Commercial flying with passengers is only allowed with tandem-licenses from Germany and Austria. Tandem-licenses from CH and FR are valid for private flights, not for commercial flights. No other tandem-licenses are valid. 

2. Insurance
Personal liability insurance is mandatory, insurance coverage must be at least 750.000 SZR

3. Equipment Regulations
In Germany, all pilots must carry a rescue-parachute. Guest pilots are permitted to fly equipment satisfying the current airworthiness requirements and regulations of their homeland. 

4. Airspace
Paraglider and hangglider are allowed to fly in the airspaces G and E. VFR according to SERA 5001.

5. Avoidance of collisions and right-of-way
Like in the other European countries according to SERA 3201, 3201, 3210

6. Thermal Rules

       General Rule: Keep Safe Distance

         Collision course in free airspace

            Collision course at the slope

         Collision course above the slope

           Crossing course free airspace

Overtaking: If possible to the right hand side

              Give way to pilots in thermal

Thermal: First pilot defines circling-direction



Flying rules PDF-Download

Questions? ausbildung@dhvmail.de

Please report incidents and accidents here

Safe flights and good landings

Your DHV-Team