Deutscher Gleitschirm- und Drachenflugverband e.V.


Nature conservation and sport aviation

Man has dreamt of flying for thousands of years. Pioneers such as Otto Lilienthal and Francis Rogallo have helped this dream to become reality. There is hardly another air-sport in which pilots have the same degree of intensive contact with nature as in hang- and paragliding. Using only the help of the sun and the wind, pilots are able to glide noiselessly over the land. This is a very positive prerequisite for nature conservation.

The Deutscher Hängegleiterverband (DHV) is responsible for certifying sites for hang- and paragliding, and acts on behalf of the Ministry of Transport according to § 25 of the German Air Traffic Law. Before a site may be certified for flying use, the local nature conservation authorities must be consulted in accordance with § 16 of the German Air Traffic Law. Through this consultation, regulations may be defined (for example, to protect particularly sensitive areas) which then permit flying according to the local characteristics of a particular site, and prevent conflicts.

In Germany all hang- and paraglider pilots require a state-issued licence. In order to obtain a licence, pilots must undergo extensive and diverse training on all aspects of flying. Conservation is an important part of all pilot and trainer schooling.

On the following web pages the DHV wishes to throw light on the interaction of man and the environment, display the results of surveys and investigations, to clarify the legalities and to sensitise all to the needs of the environment.