Deutscher Gleitschirm- und Drachenflugverband e.V.

Böhming/Altmühltal Foto: Bj. Klaassen
HG-Start Foto: Bj. Klaassen

German Flying Sites

The German Air Law requires for Hang Gliding and Paragliding either the German Luftfahrerschein or the Austrian Sonderpilotenschein. Foreign guests who are permanent residents outside Germany and hold a foreign pilot's licence need the IPPI Card (International Pilot Profiency Identification Card) Stage 4 for normal flying or, for cross-country flying, stage 5. Because of a special agreement, Swiss pilots can fly in Germany with their Swiss Licence. Guest pilots may not instruct, tow or carry passengers without permission issued by the DHV.
Flying is only allowed from sites which have a Governmental permission. Here enclosed is an overview of popular flying sites in Germany.
Before flying, please contact the clubs or schools directly in order to be informed about the rules of flying. But the pilot is responsable for all claims up to 1,5 Million Euro therefore insurance should cover this amount. Aerobatics (more than 135 degree bank or pitch, spins) and night flights are not permittet in Germany.

 Flying sites data base (Germany + Alps)

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Remark: In the described flight areas start places and landing fields can change. Notably please available info notice boards and uses the information of the local pilots!

The DHV online area database is the portal of information about hangglider and paraglider flight areas in Germany and in the Alps. For corrections and changes we ask all pilots, associations and area holders for assistance. Please send a mail to gelaendeinfo@dhv.de.