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Airspace Germany

Airspace Germany
Airspace Bremen
Structure of german Airspace

Hang- and paraglider pilots compare themeselves with birds in the sky. Unfortunately, in contrast to the free flying, we have to accept some limits. Germany has one of the worldwide busiest airspaces in the world. The Traffic and the numbers of passengers are still rising rapidly, year after year. But there is not only commercial air traffic. In addition we have military jets, gliders, private single engine machines, paragliders and hanggliders and ultralights. Still we have in comparison to other countries an amount of freedoms: We can use the airspaces G + E equally like gliderpilots.

Airspace G is uncontrolled (normally up to 760 m above ground level). VMC Minima: 1,5 km view in flight direction, clear of clouds.

Airspace E is controlled, but allowed for para- and hanggliders. Airspace E goes normally up to Flightlevel 100 (arround 3000 m) – above the German alps up to Flightlevel 130 (arround 3900 m). The distance to clouds: 300 m vertical, 1500 m horizontally. VMC Minima: 8 km view in flight direction.

For Airspace D, Restricted Areas (ED-R), C is a clearance necessary. Radio is obligate in that airspaces.

Flying in clouds is not allowed.

Pilots have the obligation, to check the Airspace and they have to do a flight preparation before starting. More Informations about the airspace you will get on maps of the German Flight and Safety Organisation (Deutsche Flugsicherung-DFS). Click here: http://www.dfs-ais.de/