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Stubaicup 2004 - Swing

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Sepp Gschwendtner: We're now at the Swing display, and I'm talking to Swing boss Günther Wörl and designer Michael Hartmann: Günther what's new at Swing this year?

Günther Wörl: This year we have three completely new gliders in our product list. First our new entry level glider - the DHV class 1 Axis 3, then after we revised the Arcus last year, it was time for the new Mistral 3 (DHV 1-2). Both these gliders have already been successfully tested according to the new DHV certification specifications. At the other end of the range we have our high-tech Stratus 5, where we've once again improved on performance.

Sepp Gschwendtner: As you mentioned that both canopies have been tested according to the new DHV specifications, I'd like to ask Michael how he finds them. Do the new specifications with their reduced dive angle tolerances mean that these gliders are more liable to enter deep stalls?

Michael Hartmann: The new certification specifications certainly present glider designers with a challenge to make safer canopies, but it is wrong to say there is a correlation between reduced dive angles and increased deep stall problems, or that the new specifications are responsible for this.