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Stubaicup 2004 - Nova

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Sepp Gschwendtner: Hallo Wolfgang, I'd like to talk about your newest design - the Syntax which is built according to the new specifications of the DHV 1-2 class. Certain rumours suggest that gliders built to this standard will all be slow and prone to spinning - was this a problem for the canopy?

Wolfgang Lechner: No, I think, or better said know, that we've built a super glider here, but it didn't directly result from the tighter certification standards. The canopy originated from a previous meeting where we asked schools what they really needed in a glider. Problems such as the canopy diving forward or penduluming sideways were identified, and we built on our X-Act model, which was already well accepted, to improve here. This was the real reason we built this glider, and also the reason we had it finished so promptly, directly after the new certification guidelines had been published. I believe these new guidelines are a good improvement, and also very good for the sport because the previous 1-2 class range was just too wide. Now it is clearly separated, we have our Artax at the top of the 1-2 class (old specifications), and the new Syntax which offers the right link to the lower class 1 canopies.