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Stubaicup 2004 - Gradient

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Sepp Gschwendtner: Turnpoint boss Ilona, what have you brought us for 2004?

Ilona: New for this year we have the Bright Classic (DHV 1), the Golden (DHV 1-2) and two new tandem gliders in different sizes.

Sepp Gschwendtner: Standing next to you is the new world champion Achim Joos - Achim, we've congratulated you many times to your success already - now it's your turn to say something..

Achim Joos: Even though it all happened back last November it still feels as if it was only yesterday; looking forward to 2004 I'll play things by ear and we'll see how it goes.

Sepp Gschwendtner: ..and I'm convinced we'll see more of you this season. Thank you both.