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Stubaicup 2004 - Fly and More

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Sepp Gschwendtner: we're now talking to Wolfgang Kaiser from Icaro Fly and More, you have some news for us.

Wolfgang Kaiser: Correct, Icaro and Fly and More have been re-organised. Icaro will concentrate on hanggliding design and distribution, while Fly and More will continue to be hanggliding distributors for Germany and Austria and take on the design and worldwide distribution of the paragliding business.

Sepp Gschwendtner: You have a new canopy, the Ice, is this the first product from the new development labs?

Wolfgang Kaiser: Correct, for 2004 we have the Cyber 2 (DHV Class 1), the Force (DHV Class 1-2) and the Ice, a new DHV Class 2 canopy to complete our palette.