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Stubaicup 2004 - Aerosport

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Sepp Gschwendtner: we're now talking to Hans Bausenwein - distributor for Ozone, Gin Gliders, Sup Air and Pilots One. Hans you must have something new with you…

Hans Bausenwein: yes Sepp, I don't think we've ever had so many new things to display as we have this year. From Ozone we have the new Mojo which already has a DHV 1 certification in one size, and the Viper, a high performance canopy planned for the 2-3 sector. From Gin we have the Yeti, the lightest and smallest mountaineering canopy since the beginnings of paragliding, and also the Zoom which is a performance class 2 glider, and the tandem Beetle. Sup Air have built a new aerobatics harness with space for two reserve canopies, a new school harness and the proven X-Alps, the lightest full harness on the market.

Sepp Gschwendtner: Then all we need is some good weather..

Hans Bausenwein: As soon as the sun comes out I'll be off with this new little Yeti glider.