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Europameisterschaft Gleitschirm

Die Gleitschirm Europameisterschaft wird verschoben: Aus Sicherheitsgründen im Zusammenhang mit der Olympiade hat die NATO sämtliche Flugaktivitäten im Nahbereich von Athen untersagt. Der neue Termin ist von der FAI/CIVL noch nicht bestätigt, voraussichtlicher Termin 01.10.-12.10.04 


We regret to advise you that the 8th European Paraglding Championship at Kalavrita cannot be held at the originally designated dates due to a forbiddance announced by the NATO forces that will be responsible for the safety of the Olympic Games in Athens. According to NATO the area that the tasks will take place will be patrolled by aircrafts (Boeing E-3 AWACS, http://www.boeing.com/defense-space/infoelect/awacs/natoe3.html ), for security reasons and thus no other flying activity is permitted in the area. We are surprised by this decision of the NATO officials as this area is not close to Athens and the Paragliding event will end 32 days before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The Greek Airsports Federation took any possible action in order to alter NATO's decision but without result. We have to mention that this action is a result of NATO's decision not to cooperate with the Organizers of the event. We are ready to host the event but we cannot change neither NATO's decision nor the security committee's will for forbiddance of any flying activity in the area more than a month before the Olympiad.

We have already suggested to the FAI that the dates can be transferred after the Olympic Games, from 1 to 12 October. The weather during that period is excellent for this kind of competition with sun and very high cloudbases. We are still awaiting FAI's response. If their response is positive and the dates are indeed transferred we trust that our cooperation for the event will continue and we will be awaiting your presence at Kalavrita at the new dates that will be nominated by FAI.

Vasilis Mantzos
MD European Championship