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Atemberaubende Tricks auf Acromax, der Acro-Weltmeisterschaft 2021. Bis 17. Juli live auf der Facebook-Seite von Volo Libero Friuli. Deutschland ist mit einem Team vor Ort: Lukas Neu, Georg Waller, Johannes Glatz,  Gabriela Fonck. Ergebnisse 

Update vom 17.07.2021

The 3d FAI Worlds Paragliding Aerobatics Championships have finished in Trasaghis, Italy. The event was held from July 10 till July 16, 2021.

Four runs were made in Solo category and 3 runs in Synchro. It was organised by Volo Libero Friuli ASD, Aeroclubs Blue Phoenix, and Lega Piloti in cooperation with Aeroclub d Italia and CIVL Paragliding Aerobatics Committee. 

Congratulations to the winners:

Solo Overall:

1. Victor Carrera (CZE) 
2.  Horacio Llorens (ESP)
3.  Luke De Weert (NED)

Synchro Overall:

1. Fusion Team - Horacio Llorens (ESP) and Raul Rodriguez (ESP)
Premium Deluxe - Norbert Winkler (AUT) and Thomas Schloegl (AUT) 
3.  Asynchron 2.0  - Roland Brunnbauer (AUT) and Thomas Laireiter (AUT)



1. France 
2. Colombia
3. Spain

More info and results:

www.fai.org/news/<wbr />world-pg-aerobatics-champions-<wbr />2021-czech-solo-spain-synchro-<wbr />and-france-nation?type=node&<wbr />id=24473