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The DHV offers RSS-Feeds on the following topics:

DHV news
New equipment certification
New safety warnings

Current content from the DHV website can be downloaded in practical RSS-feed format.


RSS is a format for transmitting online data to a variety of different systems.
RSS is an abbreviation for “Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary".
Over the past few years the RSS format has become very popular, and is currently used by several million internet users.
Content, which is transmitted in the RSS format is known as a “feed”.


With RSS-feeds the internet user can view a content summary of several different websites without having to visit each one separately, and a correspondingly greater amount of information can be observed.
Should an interesting theme be noticed, then a simple click on the feed is sufficient to access the appropriate website containing the full article.


RSS is simple to use.
To get started it is a good idea to install as RSS reader program for subscribing and reading feeds. An extensive list of programs can be found here:  www.rss-verzeichnis.de/rss-reader.php
As an alternative, the web browsers Firefox and Opera offer add-ons for RSS-feed reading, or certain websites e.g. MyYahoo or Bloglines. To subscribe to a feed, the address of the RSS file simply needs to be entered into the reader program or website. Viewing via a website has the additional advantage of being accessible wherever internet access is available.