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Safety Notes

In this section you can look up all the safety related technical notes and advisories published by the DHV since 1996.

Please note that some notes have not or not yet been translated to English. In case the English translation is missing the German text will be displayed.

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Safety notes 2016

14.12.2016 Safety note Finsterwalder Quick-Out Carabiner
14.10.2016 Safety note Paraglider harness OZONE Forza DHV GS-03-0390-15
04.07.2016 Safety note Paraglider harness
20.06.2016 Safety note Hangglider harness Integral 3 DHV 03-0077-90, Etage DHV 03-0120-04
14.06.2016 Safety note Paraglider harness Energy DHV GS-03-0257-02
13.06.2016 Safety note Paraglider harness Lady DHV GS-03-0061-90, Zitz DHV GS-03-0107-92, Fire DHV GS-03-0153-96, X-Press Airbag DHV GS-03-0196-98, X-Press DHV GS-03-0199-98, X-Press 2 DHV GS-03-0226-00, X-act 2 ...
11.06.2016 Safety note Paraglider harness Charly Primus DHV GS-03-0147-95, Charly Streamer DHV GS-03-0150-95, Charly Primus Pro DHV GS-03-0152-95, Charly Novum DHV GS-03-0154-96, Charly Easy DHV GS-03-0157-96, Charly...
10.06.2016 Safety note Paraglider harness Flight Design Flair and CONNECT DHV GS-03-0272-03, CONNECT 2 DHV GS-03-0334-06
08.06.2016 Safety note Paraglider harness SUCCESS DHV GS-03-0264-02, PRO 2+ DHV GS-03-0273-03, Success 2+ EAPR-GZ-7034/08, Impress 2+ EAPR-GZ-7072/08, Advance Impress, Advance Impress 2
07.06.2016 Safety note Paraglider harness Tigra 97 DHV GS-03-0177-97, Fly Magic DHV GS-03-0178-97, Twix DHV GS-03-0215-00, Flow DHV GS-03-0218-00, FLEXON DHV GS-03-0241-01, FLEXON Airbag DHV GS-03-0242-01, Flash ...
04.06.2016 Safety note Safety notice for paraglider harnesses equipped with Finsterwalder CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles in the chest strap
28.04.2016 Safety note Gin Gliders Harness Gingo 3
24.03.2016 Safety note Harness with Finsterwalder PL-HookBuckle. HSi51, HSi510 Affected harnesses: Coconea, Certificationnumber: EAPR-GZ-0209/14 Passenger Air, Certificationnumber: EAPR-GZ-0046/13 Passenger Pro,...
23.03.2016 Safety note Finsterwalder, PL Hook Buckle
14.01.2016 Safety note AustriAlpin COBRA® buckles