Deutscher Gleitschirm- und Drachenflugverband e.V.


DHV Newsletter and mailing lists

Registering for the DHV newsletter or joining our mailing lists can be done via the Member- and Service portal on the DHV website.
In order to use this portal, DHV members are required to register once (free of charge). Once registered, you can then apply for further rights to use the various utilities and services present there.
To register, click on the "Registration" link on the login page. DHV membership is not required to register at the portal.

The following mailing lists are available:
DHV Newsletter
A regular mail, containing an overview of the latest news, and links to the items there (only in german).
New type-test equipment certification
An automatic mail is generated when new equipment type-testing and certification has been completed. The mail contains links to the test reports on the dhv.de website. A maximum of one mail per day will be sent when new equipment has passed testing.
Safety advisories
An automatic mail is generated when new safety advisories have been publicised on the dhv.de website. The mail contains links to the safety reports contained there.