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Covid 19 and flying(12.05.20)

Flight operations in Germany are regulated differently in the respective federal states at the moment. Flying is currently possible in most federal states, but restrictions are different and change constantly. Under the given circumstances, we recommend that guests...[more]

DHV Hang Gliding Meeting and DHV Saison Opening 2018(16.02.18)

The DHV is organising the Hang Gliding Meeting, winch testival and Season Opening from 14. - 15. April 2018 in Hartenstein/Erzgebirge near the city Zwickau in the east of Germany. DHV want to invite the european hang gliding scene to this event. Here, pilots will have...[more]

New on DHV-TV - videos about Safety Class(05.09.16)

With two new video clips DHV gives an impression about Safety Class Tests. Part 1 of the video gives a short introduction to the DHV-Safety-Test and to DHV database.Part 2 is featuring test pilot Simon Winkler giving brief introduction into Safety Test methods and...[more]

Gold at the Paragliding World Championships 2015(17.03.15)

Team GER gets the gold! A review in Cross Country Magazine.[more]

New Airbag Technology(05.09.13)

“You cannot negotiate with gravity” Sonny Crockett in “Miami Vice” ...and due to this, paraglider pilots need effective back protection. Unfortunately, this area of equipment development in paragliding has not been basking in glory. Over the last few years, back...[more]

FAI/CIVL new limits for competition class(25.02.13)

The FAI/CIVL broke with it's open class philosophy after the last disastrous paragliding world championships (fatalities, crashes, low safety of competition gliders). For the first time, only EN certified gliders were permitted at the European championships in St....[more]

Plastic rods, yes or no?(06.07.12)

Almost all new paragliders designs now use plastic rods to support the leading edge of the glider. Manufacturers promise us better stability, increased performance and reduced weight through their use, but plastic rods can also be used to push performance limits and...[more]

LTF A and B class safety check(16.02.12)

“Trust in Allah, but tie up your camels”. This Arabic proverb reminds us that even when we trust in God we shouldn't ignore our own common sense. For beginners and low-airtime pilots choosing a new glider is a delicate matter. It is well known that there are some big...[more]

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