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Safety note

SubjectHangglider Atos DHV 01-0347-99, Atos s DHV 01-0361-00, Atos C DHV 01-0380-02

During inspection in the A-I-R workshop a spoiler pulley with unacceptable `play` was found. With the excess play it is possible that the pulley rope can squeeze between the pulley and housing and jam.

Gliders delivered between 2001 - 02.2003 must be checked.

We ask all pilots with Gliders delivered between 2001 - 02.2003 to check the play in the pulley on Rib No. 6.

The play (gap between pulley and housing with the pulley when pushed to one side) must be less than 1mm. Excessive play must be removed with special washers. The washers and the description are available from A-I-R. Important: The screw should be tightened with small tension and must be secured with Locktide!

It is vital that this check, and if necessary correction, must be done before flying the glider.

The photo below shows the play in the pulley being checked with a 1mm feeler gauge. If the play is greater than 1mm it should be reduced by inserting the appropriate number of special 0.5 mm thick washers.

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