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Safety note

SubjectParaglider Apco Santana 25 DHV GS-01-0605-98, Apco Santana 28 DHV GS-01-0606-98, Apco Santana 30 DHV GS-01-0607-98, Apco Santana 32 DHV GS-01-0608-98, Apco Sierra 25 DHV GS-01-0609-98, Apco Sierra 28 DHV GS-01-0610-98, Apco Sierra 30 DHV GS-01-0611-98, Apco Sierra 32 DHV GS-01-0612-98, Apco Bagheera S DHV GS-01-0659-99, Apco Bagheera M DHV GS-01-0660-99, Apco Bagheera L DHV GS-01-0688-99, Apco Fiesta S DHV GS-01-0724-99, Apco Fiesta M DHV GS-01-0725-99, Apco Fiesta L DHV GS-01-0726-99, Allegra L DHV GS-01-0729-99, Allegra M DHV GS-01-0730-99, Allegra S DHV GS-01-0731-99
Fly & more GmbH identified a damage of the A-lines at an APCO Allegra while checking this paraglider.

The reason for the damage is a sharp-edged imprint on one side of the line buckle.

When loosing the plastic clips, produced in series fitting to the line buckle, the sharp edges of the imprint can cause damage to the lines. Line buckles with lateral imprints are used by APCO in few numbers only and are replaced since one year already when check is performed.

We ask all Apco pilots to check and to verify, that - the plastic clip is still in place at the line snap - the lines are not damaged.

Line buckles with imprints on one side can be replaced by Fly & more any time free of charge.

Raubling, 13.02.2003

Wolfgang KAISER, Fly & more GmbH, D-83064 Raubling-Kirchdorf; Tel. +49-(0)8035-6189; Fax -8481