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Warning Paraglider Mission M DHV GS-01-0714-99

SubjectParaglider Mission M DHV GS-01-0714-99
Line ruptures on FreeX Mission M paragliders.

During a single side collaps caused by turbulent air while flying in the DOLOMITEN several A- and B-breechlines were torn apart on a Mission M on 04 October 2002. Because the paraglider went into a fast right hand turning motion the pilot immideately deployed his rescue system. The pilot made an uneventful landing on the rescue chute without any injuries.

Agn additional incident with the same model occured on 23 October 2002 at a flying area in the Allgäu. About 20 meters abve ground the paraglider had a frontal collaps due to turbulences. Upon reopening of the canopy several A- and B-breechlines in the middle of the canopy were torn apart. The paraglider entered a stall type descent, upon impact on the groud the pilot was lightly injured and suffered light bruises.

Both paragliders are affected by the DHV airworthiness directive from AUG 08.01. The paragliders were quite fequently used and had a valid check.

FreeX Airsport again points out the DHV airworthiness directive from AUG 08.01. The affected breechlines can be identified by distinct thickened areas or when the core of the lines comes out of the coating (see pictures)

The pilots can check the lines for damages on their own. Paragliders that got accordingly damaged lines are grounded !!! FreeX Airsport takes care of proper replacement fo these lines.

Should damaged lines be encountered, all above mentioned points apply even for paragliders with a valid check and those who have already been inspected/repaired by FreeX Airsport according to the airworthiness directive.


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