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Safety note

SubjectParaglider Paratech P70 M DHV GS-01-0715-99, Paratech P70 L DHV GS-01-0806-00
During an acromaneuver with a P70 some lines broke. The pilot had to activate his emergency chute for a safe landing and reached the ground without any injuries. In the following investigation some lines with insufficient tear strenght were found on this specific paraglider. No problems, concerning tear strenght, were encountered on all other inspected chutes of this type.

The company PARATECH AG therefore takes following precautionary measures:

An extraordinary inspection of the according lines has to be performed. Before this inspection is done, the above mentioned paragliders are grounded.

Pilots owning one of the mentioned paragliders are to contact following companies for this inspection:

PARATECH Service, Tel. +41 (0)71 7873031,
Flugsportservice Sky Club Austria, Tel. +43 (0)3685 22333,
Aerosport, Tel. +49 (0)8034 1034,

Schwende, 11 Oct. 2002

Uwe Bernholz, Migg Lenz
Construction, General Manager