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Warning Paraglider harness, Hangglider harness

SubjectParaglider harness, Hangglider harness
Rescue system deployment tests for compatability check on harnesses.

During a safety training course the pilot was not able to deploy the rescue system from a Sup´Air harness with integrated Rescue System-Top-Container. The inspection by the manufacturer did not bring up any differences from the checked reference sample.

The DHV takes this accident as a reason to point out again that the practice deployment of the rescue system, which is supposed to be done during the compatability check, should be performed by the pilot himself. The practice deployment has to be performed in flight position with correctly adjusted harness on a simulator. This will take all biometrical peculiarities (i.e. strenght, armlenght) of the pilot into account.

The successful compatability check has to be certified on the check and pack certificate of the rescue system.

Gmund, 23 Sept.2002

Klaus Tänzler,
Managing Director