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Safety note Hangglider Atos DHV 01-0347-99

SubjectHangglider Atos DHV 01-0347-99
During checks it was found on several gliders that the outer rip (rip nr 9) is below the approved value.This can be checked visually, by looking from the keel along the trailing edge to the fiberglass tip. The rip nr 9 must not be visible below a line from rip nr 8 towards the tip. Any geometrical deviations in this area could influence the aerodynamics dangerously.

Extreme meteorological conditions and / or ageing could lead to a notible loss of the sail tension.This tension has to be inspected prior each flight and has to be adjusted if neccessary.

Incorrect closing of the velcro on the trailing edge can lead to a deformation on the sail which affects the Zero lift moment of the wing. When assembling the wing you have to watch out for avoiding any deformations of the upper and lower sail (no wrinkles). You achieve that by pressing upper and lower sail together without tension.

When assembling your wing incorrectly there is also the chance to damage rip nr one. This damage can be detected on the lower side of the rip about 5mm behind the bolt.

We like to mention that the above listed deficiencies lead to a loss of certification and endanger flight safety.

All gliders have to be inspected by the pilots or an A.I.R. approved institution for above listed deficiencies. During the biannual check all above mentioned inspections and adjustments will be done automatically and for free and if desired under the presence of the pilot.

More detailed information for this matter can be obtained through the manufacturer A.I.R GmbH, Borsigstr. 17, D-71277 Rutesheim, Tel.: +49 (0) 7152 351 251, Fax: +49 (0) 7152 351 252,

CAUTION: the Atos, MZL 01-347-99,has to be inspected within two years after the licensing date listed on the plaque by a manufacturer approved institution. For Germany and Austria A-I-R GmbH is the only authorized institution for those checks for the time beeing.

Rutesheim, 13.06.2002

Felix Rühle Managing Director A.I.R GmbH