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Safety note Harness for paraglider Cruiser DHV GS-03-0212-99

SubjectHarness for paraglider Cruiser DHV GS-03-0212-99

In a parachute deployment the rescue chute did not open. The pilot survived the crash probably thanks to his protector.

The investigation showed, that after throwing the reserve the release handle, which is attached to the inner container, possibly got tangled in the parachute lines. The shape of the release handle on the paraglider harness Cruiser favours the possibility to get hooked by the lines. (See picture)

The approved manufacturer, Finsterwalder GmbH, Charly Produkte, Am Österösch 3, D-87637 Seeg, Tel. + 49 8364-1286, Fax: + 49 8364-8426, E-Mail: has decided on the following maintenance check according to § 17 LuftGerPV :

On all paraglider harnesses of the type Cruiser the release handle has to be replaced. Release handle and installation instruction can be purchased free of charge from Charly Produkte. After the installation a compatibility check has to be performed by an authorized Compatibility - examiner (Flying schools). Harness and parachute also can be sent to Charly Produkte free of charge. Exchange of the release handle, installation of the parachute and compatibility check are then done by the manufacturer.

Seeg 08.05.02

Thomas Finsterwalder,

Managing Director

Finsterwalder GmbH, Charly Produkte