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Airworthiness advisory Hangglider Atos DHV 01-0347-99, Atos s DHV 01-0361-00

SubjectHangglider Atos DHV 01-0347-99, Atos s DHV 01-0361-00

On those concerned gliders the control spoiler is velcroed on and must not be detached for rigging/derigging. The velcro fastening is not suitable to be attached and detached in operation.

In agreement with the manufacturer A.I.R. Aeronautic Innovation Rühle & Co. GmbH, Borsigstraße 17, D-71277 Rutesheim, Tel: 0049-7152-351251, Fax: 0049-7152-351252, email:, the DHV has decided on the following precautionary safety measure:

    1. The velcro fastening of the control spoiler must not be detached by the pilot. Only the manufacturer is allowed to reattache the spoilers, they have to be secured aditionally than.
    2. While rigging/derigging those concerned gliders, attention has to be taken that the control spoilers are velcroed on properly, and the velcro is neither dirty, nor old or worn out. Old or worn out velcros have to be replaced.

The airworthiness instruction comes into force when published in the NFGH (paragliding and hanggliding news). The safety measures must be carried out before the next flight with the equipment.

Gmund, 15.06.2001

Klaus Tänzler

Managing Director