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Safety note Paraglider harness Dimensione Volo Jam Pro DHV GS-03-0200-99

SubjectParaglider harness Dimensione Volo Jam Pro DHV GS-03-0200-99

So far we have been informed about two cases where the plastic pins of the rescue handle broke on one side after training deployments. The broken part can hereby get stuck in the loop, which keeps the container closed, what may result in a failure of deployment, i.e. the rescue parachute cannot be pulled out of the outer container. After evaluating the problem we found out that the pin material can brake after several hard bendings, especially in low temperatures. In addition, the pin could have got damaged during production by the sewing needle and therefore brake more easily.

Since spring 2001 a different pin material with a steel wire inside is used where the described problem gets solved.

The old pin plastic, where such a problem can occur, is a white milky material whilst the new material is a transparent plastic with the steel wire visibly. These photos show old and new pin materials.

Old rescue handles are exchanged to new ones for free.


Herbert Hofbauer

General Manager

PRO-DESIGN Graf, Hofbauer Ges.m.b.H.