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Airworthiness advisory

SubjectParaglider Nova Carbon M DHV GS-01-0807-00, Nova Carbon S DHV GS-01-0809-00, Nova Carbon L DHV GS-01-0849-01, Nova Carbon XS DHV GS-01-0949-02
Some paragliders of the type Carbon have an increased tendency to deep-stall.

Only recently Nova was informed by Carrington, that the cloth manufacturer was forced to produce the basic fabric in different weaving mills, after the own weaving mill was closed in autumn 2000.

Between November 2000 and April 2001 the cloth "Grey Fabrik" was obtained from five different external weaving mills. Therefore qality variations of the delivered cloth material occured. When the the cloth was new, these quality flaws of the cloth could not be detected by Nova´s internal quality control, because it appeared only after several flying hours. During this time period mostly flawless cloth has been delivered, only a small amount of the cloth turned out to be faulty later on

Especially with cloth in the colour Royal (blue) lumps occured (cellulitis like). The cloth can not be streched out over a level surface, but stays wrinkled (photo). This unevenness disturbs the airflow. Affected paragliders are difficult to take of, they fall back during inflation when the A-risers are released. These gliders are not airworthy. The Carbons affected so far are serial number 21942 to 23419. This equals roughly the time period between November 2000 and Juli 2001.

In agreement with the manufacturer Nova Int., Bernhard-Höfel-Str. 14, A-6020 Innsbruck the DHV has decided on the following precautionary safety measure:

  1. All Carbons upwards of serial number 21942 have to undergo several inflation tests by the pilot.
  2. All Gliders where the take off inflation is conspicuous have to be checked by the service places Nova Int., Bernhard-Höfel-Str. 14, A-6020 Innsbruck, Tel: ++43-512-361340 or Nova Germany, Am Osterösch 3, D-87637 Seeg, Tel: ++49-8364-1286 .
  3. The paraglider must not be used before the test according to number 2 or after a negative test.

This airworthiness instruction comes into force when published in the NFGH (paragliding and hanggliding news). The safety measures must be carried out before the next flight with the equipment

The check will be done according to information from Nova Int. quickly and without charge.

Gmund, 08.04.2002

Klaus Tänzler
Managing Director