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Safety note Hangglider harness Pinguin MZL 03-066-88

SubjectHangglider harness Pinguin MZL 03-066-88

During a deployment test the release handle of a hangglider harness Pinguin, MZL 03-066-88 broke/separated from the inner container.

The investigation showed a manufacturing mistake on the broken handle which weakened the release handle. On the faulty handle the webbing strap, that is looped into the inner deployment bag, was not properly stitched to the release handle. The webbing strap was sewed to the handle only by the stitching of the corner covering webbing. Further stitchings were not present. Additionally the pilot had manipulated the handle, which increased the deployment force.

The approved manufacturer Finsterwalder GmbH, Charly Produkte, Am Osterösch 3, 87637 Seeg, Tel: +49-8364-1286, Fax: +49-8364-8426, E-Mail: has decided on the following precautionary safety measures according to § 17 LuftGerPV :

On all hanggliding harnesses Pinguin the stitching of the webbing strap to the release handle has to be checked. Apart from the stitching of the corner covering webbing the webbing strap has to be sewed on with additional stitching.(see arrow on photo) The check can be performed by the owner.

In relation to this we point out that any manipulations on the release handle or the inner deployment container are unlawful.

This safety measure comes into force when published. The check has to be performed before the next flight.

Image10.jpg (26050 Byte)

The Arrow points at the correct stitching

Seeg 21.09.2001

Thomas Finsterwalder, Managing director

Finsterwalder GmbH, Charly Produkte