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Safety note Hangglider harness Aeros Xtreme racer DHV 03-0109-98

SubjectHangglider harness Aeros Xtreme racer DHV 03-0109-98
The DHV/OeAeC Technikal departement points out, that the hanggliding harness Aeros Xtreme Racer, MZL 03-109-98, approaved manufacturer Baeumer-Fischer Ursula-Sybille, is a harness with front entry and external outside chest and lap strap, as well as external outside mounted buckles. (See photo)

Aeros harnesses with internal inside chest and lap strap and internal inside mounted buckles are so far not type tested by the DHV and are not to be used in the Federal Republic Germany. At least in one case such a harness was illegally carrying a Musterzulassungs-Plakette (certification sticker) from the type tested harness.

haupt.1.jpg (24839 Byte)

Here the type tested harness with external outside straps and buckles.

Gmund, 26.09.2001

 Klaus Tänzler

Managing director