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Airworthiness advisory For paraglider harnesses Liga Integral and Zeta

SubjectFor paraglider harnesses Liga Integral and Zeta

During a test flight the release handle of a paraglider harness with integrated emergency equipment container ripped out of the connection strap. The company VONBLON used this handle for the Liga Integral and Zeta harnesses. Therefore all harnesses of this pattern are affected.

In agreement with the producer VONBLON and the German company Swing, the DHV has therefore, as a precaution, reached the following safety measures:

  • The handle of all the paraglider harnesses refered to above must be checked and if necessary reworked.

This airworthiness instruction comes into force when published in the News for Paragliders and Hang Gliders (NfGH). The saftey measures must be carried out before the next usage.

The checking and reworking will be carried out by the Austrian production and development company Elmar Vonblon, Grav 33, A-6710 Nenzing, Tel ++43/5525/62460, Fax ++43/5525/64151

Gmund, 25.10.96