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Airworthiness advisory Quick out Carabiner from the company Finsterwalder

SubjectQuick out Carabiner from the company Finsterwalder
During the pre flight test of a Hang Glider a Quick Out Carabiner that was thought to be closed has been found to be open. Probable cause was a thin film of ice or packed snow between the large housing of the carabiner and the small insert piece. As a result the closing arrangement could not properly close. The red safety button could be closed so that the fact that the carabiner was not closed could only be recognised as the buttons on closing either side were not jutting out.

In agreement with the company Finsterwalder the DHV has decided on the following safety measures:
  1. Quick Out Carabiner must not be used with Hang Gliders due to the restricted possibility for checking by the pilot
  2. On paragliders the Carabiner must be replaced before the next time it is used. Before each flight the red safety button must be pushed completely in, until it hits the closure button.

This safety information was published as a special release of News for Paragliders and Hang Gliders (NfGH) and came into action on 15.03.1996.

The replcement can be achieved by changing either of the closure buttons for a new one with a larger head. The related safety button can then no longer be pushed fully in without the closure being properly closed.

The company Finsterwalder GmbH, Pagodenstraße 8, 81247 Munich, Tel ++49 89 8116528, Fax ++49 89 8144107 will replace the connecting button or deliver the replacement piece with mounting instructions to the owner of the affected equipment.

Gmund, 13.03.96