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Safety note Hangglider Sol`R DHV 01-0495-18

SubjectHangglider Sol`R DHV 01-0495-18
During the assembly of a Sol `R, an incident occurred in which the tensioning rope for the cross tube unhooked itself. Tests have shown that this problem can be reproduced when the cross tube tension is relieved with the carabiner thus jammed. Ellipse issues the following safety notice:

Hang gliders Sol `R may not be flown temporarily until a retrofit has been made.

For this purpose, Ellipse offers a free retrofit kit which prevents the tensioning rope from unhooking itself even in the case of a jammed / jammed carabiner.

The conversion can be done by the owner himself.

Pilots or flight schools can either contact Ellipse directly in French (contact details at: or the Hang Gliding Center Millau in German and English (contact details at: