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Warning Towing winch Parawinch G8 DHV 05-0038-19

SubjectTowing winch Parawinch G8 DHV 05-0038-19

In several cases, the cutting device had not functioned properly during test cuts of the tow rope. The tow rope was not cut or not completely cut. The DHV urgently recommends that G 8 owners check the towing cable cutting device of their winch. For this purpose, a piece of tow rope with a repair point should be mounted. The cross-cut should be made at the thick repair point without pulling. The cross-cut system must function properly in this configuration and cut the tow rope completely. If problems occur during this test, especially only partial cutting of the towing rope, the winch must not be used for towing.

In this case, the manufacturer requests that the removed towing device be sent in for repair.

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