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Safety note Skytraxx-Varios


Keep your equipment up-to-date. FLARM, which is included in FANET+, is a technical tool for collision avoidance. Regular updates are the basis for proper operation. Regardless of this, SERA.3210 ff always applies, i.e. See & Avoid. On 5.7.2019 a Swiss glider pilot barely avoided a collision with an ATOS. The ATOS had a SKYTRAXX 3.0 with FANET+. The glider`s PowerFLARM did not trigger a collision warning. The SKYTRAXX 3.0 had version 3.0.12b installed (released in April 2018). It has a known error which does not forward the correct altitude to the FLARM instance. This bug was already fixed in fall 2018 by version 3.0.13. Please note: SKYTRAXX 2.0+ with the FANET+ version January 2018 is affected as well. The update has been available for download since autumn 2018. Please make sure to always use the latest software. We are currently testing all SKYTRAXX devices equippied with FLARM (again) and will if necessary offer a near-term update.

Please also refer to SERCAM from FLARM.

Happy Landings,

Jürgen, Head of development SKYTRAXX GmbH