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Safety note Tow release GS-SSK 01 DHV 06-0041-11

SubjectTow release GS-SSK 01 DHV 06-0041-11

The towing release SSK 01 approved for step towing has a factory setting of too high release forces. This towing release for step towing has a setting that causes an automatic release at forces between 250N -450N (about 25-45 kg) with an inclined pulling force. It has been shown that this setting is clearly too high and also the manual operation of the ratchet lever is only possible with great effort (> 25 kg). In two cases, the ratchet lever broke.

Schleppklinke  GS-SSK 01  DHV 06-0041-11

Picture: Tow release GS-SSK 01 DHV 06-0041-11

The manufacturer orders the following safety advisory::

1. The factory setting of the release force for an inclined pulling direction must be reduced to a value between 80 and 120 N. This change cannot be made by the owner himself. The towing release must be presented to a specialist dealer of the manufacturer or the manufacturer himself.
2. It must be checked whether the manual release force of the ratchet lever is situated in a certain magnitude (about 50 N +/- 20%), which allows easy releasing.

This safety advisory must be carried out before the next flight with the towing release.

Queries to the manufacturer.

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