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Safety note

SubjectParaglider emergency parachute EVO Cross 235 EAPR-RG-0466/16, Annular EVO 20 EAPR-RG-7052/08, Annular EVO 22 EAPR-RG-7053/08, Annular EVO 22 HG EAPR-RG-7054/08 , Annular EVO Tandem HG EAPR-RG-7055/08, Annular EVO Tandem EAPR-RG-7056/08 , Annular EVO 24 EAPR-RG-7057/08 , Annular EVO 24 HG EAPR-RG-7062/08, Annular classic 36 EAPR-RG-7129/08, EVO Cross 100 EAPR-RG-7441/12, EVO Cross 160 EAPR-RG-7442/12, EVO Cross 120 EAPR-RG-7443/12, Smart Large EAPR-RG-7584/12, Hangglider emergency parachute Annular Classic 36 HG EAPR-RG-7140/08

Manufacturer Independence has published the following safety advisory

Evo Cross, Annular Evo, Annular Evo HG, Annular Classic 36 and Smart L

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