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Safety note

SubjectParaglider harness
Lady DHV GS-03-0061-90,
Zitz DHV GS-03-0107-92,
Fire DHV GS-03-0153-96,
X-Press Airbag DHV GS-03-0196-98,
X-Press DHV GS-03-0199-98,
X-Press 2 DHV GS-03-0226-00,
X-act 2 DHV GS-03-0227-00,
Mix DHV GS-03-0228-00,
X-act 2 Airbag DHV GS-03-0230-00,
X-Press 2 Airbag DHV GS-03-0231-00,
Bix DHV GS-03-0246-01,
X-Over 2 DHV GS-03-0247-01,
Gradient Compact DHV GS-03-0268-02,
Karpofly Arrow DHV GS-03-0295-04,
Karpofly Cobra DHV GS-03-0296-04,
Karpofly Fantom DHV GS-03-0297-04,
Karpofly Mystik DHV GS-03-0298-04,
Karpofly School DHV GS-03-0299-04,
Karpofly Shark DHV GS-03-0300-04,
Mix Airbag DHV GS-03-0302-04,
PEAK DHV GS-03-0310-04,
Clever DHV GS-03-0315-05,
VELVET 2 T-Lock DHV GS-03-0335-06,
VELVET 2 Get-Up DHV GS-03-0336-06,
VELVET 2 Airbag Get-Up DHV GS-03-0337-06,
VELVET 2 Airbag T-Lock DHV GS-03-0338-06,
Woody Valley PASSENGER DHV GS-03-0340-06,
Peak 2 T-LOCK DHV GS-03-0348-07,
Peak 2 GET-UP DHV GS-03-0349-07,
X- Rated 4 DHV GS-03-0366-07,
x-Rated 5 EAPR-GZ-7325/10,
X-RATED 3 no LTF certification ,
X-PRESSION ACRO no LTF certification,

Manufacturer Woody Valley, represented by Turnpoint Fastline GmbH Flugsportgeräte GmbH, has published a safety note for various paraglider harnesses with Finsterwalder-Buckles Clicklock or T-Lock as chest-strap buckle. The harness list has been extended 15.06.2016. Safety note (German language)

Woody Valley instruction for safety loop

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