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Safety note Hangglider Funky 15 DHV 01-0416-06, Funky 17 DHV 01-0417-06

SubjectHangglider Funky 15 DHV 01-0416-06, Funky 17 DHV 01-0417-06

During routine airworthiness checks of hanggliders Funky 15 and Funky 17 from Seedwings Airsports GmbH, incorrect luff heights have been determined. This can be due to several different reasons. Seedwings Airsports GmbH together with the DHV have issued the following safety advisory:

Luff heights on all Funky 15 and Funky 17 hanggliders must be checked before the next flight. Checks may be conducted by the aircraft owner themselves. Should the luff heights on the hanggliders differ from those noted in the DHV specifications, then Seedwings must be contacted for further information.

Airsports specifications Funky 15:

Airsports specifications Funky 17:

General information for measuring luff heights and pitch settings: :

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