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Safety note

SubjectHangglider E7 DHV 01-0350-99, ESC DHV 01-0359-99, Esc-c DHV 01-0376-02

There was a fatal accident this summer in Castelluccio/Italy with a Guggenmoos ESC hangglider. The glider tucked in mid-air and broke apart. The reason for the tuck has not been fully determined. Eyewitnesses noticed the sail flapping violently shortly before the glider tucked. These observations, photographs of the wreckage and an examination of the crashed glider indicate that the zip on the upper sail may have opened during flight. It has also been noticed that internal tensioning lines have become stretched over time, leading to excessive tension on the sail zips which may the separate from the rear. The accident glider had had its last check in 2004.

The company "Drachenservice Achim Kühnle" who have taken over Guggenmoos issue the following safety advisory:

All Guggenmoos E7, ESC and ESC-C gliders, with the exception of those which have been checked by Drachenservice Achim Kühnle in the last 24 months, must be checked for possible sail tension problems. This check must be made before the next flight. Owners of the above gliders are requested to contact Drachenservice Achim Kühnle to determin whether a control check or adjustments need to be made by the manufacturer or not.

Eisenberg, 09.12.2013

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