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Safety note

SubjectParaglider ICARO Cyber TE S DHV GS-01-2000-12, ICARO Cyber TE XS DHV GS-01-2002-12
In some cases the new risers attached to the above gliders have been incorrectly setup in production and have an incorrect limiter setting for the speedbar. Therefore it is possible to accelerate such gliders more than the maximum used during testing and certification. Tests indicate that spontaneous collapses may occur in still air especially if strong brake is applied when flying at speed.

The manufacturer ICARO Paragliders / Fly & More Handels GmbH has issued the following safety advisory: all incorrectly set risers must be exchanged or modified.

Picture 1: an incorrect riser from a Cyber TE

Text in picture: The difference between the A and C riser should be set by this limiter and not by the TSO and speed-bar setting This is incorrect as the limiter on this TSO 2.0 riser only acts after the speed-bar has been pushed so far that the pulleys overlap. Up to 2 cm more speed-bar can be applied in this instance.

Picture 2: a correctly set Cyber TE riser

Text in picture: Difference A-C = 11 cm The difference between the A and C riser is regulated only by the limiter and not by the speed-bar and TSO setting.

All owners of ICARO Cyber TE paragliders in sizes XS and S are requested to check their risers. Should risers as shown in picture 1 be attached to the glider, then pilots should contact the manufacturer to exchange or reset the risers before the next flight.

Flintsbach , 21.11.2013

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