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Safety note Towing winch BM 1 DHV 05-0024-04

SubjectTowing winch BM 1 DHV 05-0024-04
During checks and repairs to a BM 1 winch it, large line loading peaks were observed when the load was subject to external forces (e.g. during gusts or strong winds). Checks to the gearbox revealed metal splinters in the oil and damage to gear wheels and other parts. This long term wearage problem may occur to all winches of this design and has a direct safety influence on load regulation. All owners are requested to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible for checking and repairs, at the latest by 31.10.2013.

Towing may only be performed under conditions where the ground wind speed is 15 km/h or less until the winch has been checked by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer agrees to inform all winch owners on further developments, to check and repair winches as soon as possible on reception, and to assist owners with suitable alternatives.

Bannewitz, 27.09.2013

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