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Safety note

SubjectParaglider TEAM 5 Blue L DHV GS-01-1726-08, TEAM 5 Blue M DHV GS-01-1727-08, TEAM 5 Blue S DHV GS-01-1728-08, TEAM 5 Blue XS DHV GS-01-1811-08, TEAM 5 Blue Two Zip open DHV GS-01-1858-09, TEAM 5 Blue Two Zip closed DHV GS-01-1859-09, TEAM 5 Blue Mountain M DHV GS-01-1860-09, TEAM 5 Blue Mountain S DHV GS-01-1861-09, TEAM 5 Blue Mountain XS DHV GS-01-1862-09, TEAM 5 Red M DHV GS-01-1951-11, TEAM 5 Red S DHV GS-01-1952-11, TEAM 5 Red L DHV GS-01-1959-11

After several incidents involving deep- or parachutal stalls on the above canopies, investigations have shown severe line shrinkage and/or stretching leading to large differences in line lengths. The resulting differences in trim increase the tendency of the glider to enter a deep- or parachutal stall.

In agreement with the DHV, the manufacturer  KRILO d.o.o., or Airsport 2000 GmbH issues the following Safety Warning, that all the above gliders should be immediately re-checked in accordance with § 14 LuftGerPV of German civil law.

All gliders named above must be re-checked for differences in line lengths by a checking centre authorised by the manufacturer. KRILO d.o.o., and Airsport 2000 GmbH will ensure sufficient replacement lines are available.

Re-checks must be conducted before the glider is used next used.

In addition, the manufacturer has reduced the regular re-check interval for the above gliders to 12 Months or 50 flights (whichever should first occur).

This safety warning is enforced immediately.

Further information regarding authorised checking centres, costs for the re-check etc. can be obtained from the manufacturer KRILO d.o.o., or Airsport 2000 GmbH.


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