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SubjectParaglider TEAM 5 Blue S DHV GS-01-1728-08, TEAM 5 Blue XS DHV GS-01-1811-08
The DHV has received reports of three incidents with deep or parachutal stall with the above gliders. One of these incidents resulted in a crash with serious injuries to the pilot. Two other incidents are excellently documented with eyewitness reports, in both cases the paraglider entered a deep stall without having had excessive brake applied. In the third case, the glider entered a deep stall on exiting from a B-stall which took repeated attempts from the pilot to actively recover from. Exact causes for the deep stall problems have not been completely finalised. On checking the gliders it has been found that there were differences in line lengths to those recorded in the certification documentation. The DHV has received two of the above three gliders and is currently investigating them. This warning is to inform all pilots and owners of Team 5 Blue XS and S gliders of a possible increased deep stall risk. For safety reasons a line length check at a Paraglider check center is recommended. Results from flight testing and safety investigations will be publicised as soon as they become available.

Karl Slezak
DHV-Referat Sicherheit und Technik