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Safety note

Boomerang GTO XS AIRT GS_0313.2010,
Boomerang GTO S AIRT GS_0314.2010,
Boomerang GTO M AIRT GS_0315.2010,
Boomerang GTO ML AIRT GS_0316.2010,
Boomerang GTO L AIRT GS_0317.2010

In some of the Gin Gliders Boomerang GTO, a defective self-adhesive reinforcement-material has been used. This self-adhesive reinforcement-material was delivered to Gin Gliders Inc. with a production fault in coating process. In isolated cases, it is possible, that the adhesive penetrates the fabric and causes a sticky surface on the outside of the reinforcement-material. This can cause the fabric to stick together. The self-adhesive reinforcement-material was mainly used in parts of the stabiliser, inside the canopy.

Gin Gliders issues the following maintenance recommendation:

    All owners of Gin Gliders Boomerang GTO are asked to check the reinforcement-material at the stabilisers and at all line-suspension points. Sticky surfaces or the adhesion of dirt should be noted.

In case of concerns, please contact your nearest Gin Gliders Inc. distributor.


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