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Safety note

SubjectParaglider Boomerang GTO XS AIRT GS_0313.2010, Boomerang GTO S AIRT GS_0314.2010, Boomerang GTO M AIRT GS_0315.2010, Boomerang GTO ML AIRT GS_0316.2010, Boomerang GTO L AIRT GS_0317.2010

We strongly advise you to not fly in the rain on the Boomerang GTO and Boomerang 7.

These high performance gliders are very susceptible to deep stall in the rain. The development path of modern high performance paragliders (high aspect ratio, 3 lines) bears no allowance for these kind of gliders to fly when wet. If you see a shower coming during a flight, even a light one, we strongly advise you to go to land immediately. If you do fly in the rain, and if you enter a stall, which generally happens when your enter lift, do as follows. Do not perform any actions with your brakes, do not steer the wing, push on the "A" risers. If this is not sufficient to recover the flight, push the speed bar and maintain the action.


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