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Safety note Paraglider harness Bix DHV GS-03-0246-01

SubjectParaglider harness Bix DHV GS-03-0246-01

During a test release of the reserve parachute a harness defect was noted which prevented deployment of the inner container.

Investigations revealed that the splint attachment hole (circled in the photo) became caught between the outer container flap and the material sleeve through which the splint release passes (marked 2 in photo). This prevented the splint from releasing correctly (marked 4 in photo). The manufacturer says this is due to a production defect during sewing.

As other Bix Harnesses from Woody Valley may also have this defect, the manufacturer together with the DHV issues the following airworthiness safety advisory:

All owners of the above harness should make a test deployment of the reserve parachute from the harness, if necessary under instruction at a flying school. Should normal deployment not be possible, then the owner should contact a Woody Valley dealer, the Woody Valley general importer or the manufacturer directly.

The test deployment must be performed before the next flight with the harness.

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