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Safety note

SubjectHangglider Laminar 13 DHV 01-0303-95, Laminar 14 DHV 01-0304-95, Laminar 12 DHV 01-0317-97, Laminar 14 Easy DHV 01-0333-98, Laminar 16 easy DHV 01-0348-99, Laminar 20 Easy - Bip DHV 01-0356-99, Laminar 12 Easy DHV 01-0378-02, Relax 16 DHV 01-0382-02, Relax 18 DHV 01-0401-04, Relax 14 DHV 01-0402-04, Orbiter 14 DHV 01-0412-05, Orbiter 16 DHV 01-0419-06, MastR - L DHV 01-0443-09, MastR - M DHV 01-0444-09, MastR - S DHV 01-0448-09

The main hang-loop attachment failed on an Icaro 2000 hangglider (with King post). The failure resulted from the sharp edges of the eyelet used in the webbing. The failure occured during flight, but had no further consequences, as the backup hang-loop immediately took over.

The particular eyelets have been used by Icaro 2000 in their products for 20 years. This is the first failure. Control checks have shown that in a very few cases, sharp edges may be present where these eyelets have been placed. Icaro 2000 have immediately stopped using this type of eyelet.

Together with the DHV, Icaro 2000 issue the following safety note:

    All customers who have a king-post hangglider with a serial number of 8703 or less, must check the hang-loop eyelets for sharp edges. Defective hang-loops must be replaced.

This check must be performed before the next flight.

Hang-loops can be obtained from Fly & More GmbH

Flintsbach, 05.08.2008

Wolfgang Kaiser
Fly & more GmbH
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Tel. +49(0)8034 - 909 700, Fax 909 701

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