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Safety note

SubjectParaglider emergency parachute INCASE 2.0 S 100 DHV GS-02-0143-07

Due to a missing stitching on the inner bag of an Incase 2.0 S 100 reserve parachute, the connection loop for a deployment handle broke during use. The stitching was also missing on the second attachment loop (see picture 1), which also failed under load.

Picture 1

All Incase 2.0 S 100 reserve parachutes manufactured in 2007 with serial numbers from 08560 to 08659 may have defective stitching on the inner bag. The serial numbers are listed under

The sewing company are of the opinion that this defect is an isolated case, however all owners of Incase 2.0 S 100 parachutes with the listed serial numbers must check the sewing on the inner bag before using them again (picture 2).

Picture 2

Should defective sewing be present on an inner bag, it will be replaced free of charge by Turnpoint.

Stephanskirchen, 23.06.2009

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