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Safety note

SubjectParaglider UP Kantega XC XS DHV GS-01-1827-09, UP Kantega XC S DHV GS-01-1828-09, UP Kantega XC M DHV GS-01-1829-09, UP Kantega XC L DHV GS-01-1830-09, UP Ascent 2 S DHV GS-01-1837-09, UP Ascent 2 M DHV GS-01-1838-09, UP Ascent 2 L DHV GS-01-1839-09, UP Ascent 2 XS DHV GS-01-1846-09

There can be problems with the carabiner King Snap which were partially used for the UP Ascent 2 and Kantega XC. Using a higher force when closing the carabiner it is possible to overtighten the nut to the top, giving free the lower part of the screw thread. In the worst case the lower part of the screw thread can not catch anymore and the carabiner bends open under load.

Therefore we have decided to exchange all carabiner from the manufacturer King Snap (Delta- and 0-carabiner) used for the UP Ascent 2 and Kantega XC against carabiner from the manufacturer Maillon Rapide.

Maillon Rapide
- easy to identify by the stamping
King Snap
- no stamping
- visible, overtightened screw thread

We ask all pilots to check if their paraglider is equipped with King Snap carabiner (without stamping) or Maillon Rapide (with stamping). If there are carabiner without stamping, they have to be exchanged. UP International offers all affected pilots the exchange of the carabiner free of charge.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 28.05.2009

Martin Fischer
Technical Manager

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