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Safety note Paraglider harness VOYAGER DHV GS-03-0372-08

SubjectParaglider harness VOYAGER DHV GS-03-0372-08

At special pulling angles it can come to a higher deployment force when pulling the reserve out of the frontcontainer of the Voyager harness. This can handicap the deployment.

The manufacturer Woody Valley Model snc (OHG) in accordance with the DHV issues the following afety note:

    The problem with the higher force has to be avoided by removing or covering the velcro on the outer edges of the release handle. Therefore, e.g. two ca. 35 mm long velcro pieces are fixed to the end of the release handle, covering the velcro in this area. (see picture 1).

Picture 1: Covered Velcro on the Voyager frontcontainer release handle

The velcro pieces needed for covering can be ordered by Woody Valley, or a dealer

The modification has to be done before the next flight.

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