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Safety note Paraglider harness wings of change MG 1 DHV GS-03-0250-01

SubjectParaglider harness wings of change MG 1 DHV GS-03-0250-01

During an indoor training session the reserve connection handle of a Wings of Change MG1 Harness failed. The handle became detached from the connecting loop during an attempted deployment. (see picture 1.)

Picture 1.

On examination, the failure was due to incorrect sewing at the handle-connection loop attachment point. Normally the sewing pattern should be three rows of stitching approximately 10-15mm from the end of the connecting loop (red circle, picture 2), near to the Velcro attachment on the handle. In the case of the failed handle, only one row of stitching was partially present, approximately 2mm from the end of the connecting loop, which resulted in detachment under load (picture 3).

Picture 2

Picture 3: red rectangle - position of incorrect stitching, green rectangle - position of correct stitching

The manufacturer Wings of Change issues the following airworthiness statement in agreement with the DHV:

    All MG1 Paraglider Harnesses must be re-examined. The examination must be performed by correctly qualified personnel.

The harness owner should immediately contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer will then examine the harness, or instruct the owner as to where to send the harness for examination.

The examination must be performed before the next flight.

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