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Safety note Hangglider Atos VQ DHV 01-0422-07

SubjectHangglider Atos VQ DHV 01-0422-07

After incorrect rigging (interchange of outer leading edge tubes) a fatal accident with an Atos VQ hanglider happened. The accident investigation revealed that an interchange of the outer leading edge tubes can hardly be done and overlooked. Nevertheless the accident investigation did show that there are other possibilities to reduce the risk of incorrect rigging furthermore.

In agreement with the DHV the manufacturer A.I.R. GmbH issues the following safety note:

    The colour markings on the outer leading edge tubes for right (green) and left (red) will also be placed on the wing spar, so that on the correct rigged glider the same colour markings face each other. Additionally the leading edge tubes will be marked with "left" and "right".

The retrofitting of gliders already in use will be done with the next periodic check. Pilots can also order these stickers and put them on themselves.

Rutesheim, 10.11.2008

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